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Elegant major of Parisian Europe Lai beautifies hair product
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Elegant major of Parisian Europe Lai beautifies hair roll out an expert to wash protect new product- - depth is repaired protect series (Absolut Repair) , with its peculiar depth protects lock of hair an organic whole to protect a system, can be aimed at special damage hair, into the hair of president effect core rebuilds (C area - the hair sends core) , abiding rehabilitate (B area - the hair expresses cerebral cortex) and cure and protection (A area - hair surface) . One of core science and technology factor of fruit acerbity rehabilitate (depth is repaired protect fluid of the aggrandizement that send core to contain) can permeate to hair core (C area) , rebuild to agglutinate organizes fibrous interior and grow effect to maintain, suitable playboy publishs a range and promotion shines lustre degree. Depth is repaired protect series whole set includes 5 products in allOulaiyamei delivers a product Depth repairs protect fluid of the aggrandizement that send core: Depth is repaired protect star product, first action at C area nurse product. Long protect shampoo Depth repairs protect shampoo: Science and technology of nerve albumen fiber, can make hair recovery health bright lustre with vigor, can reduce the harm that ultraviolet correct sends, action reachs B area at A area. Use method: Take right amount product even daub go up at the hair, make its bubble adequately and try to be massaged gently, rinse thoroughly later, if need, can repeat undertake.

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