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How are 2007 autumn winters protected hair
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From the small wave with hair a bit radian, romantic end, to sexy charm big are spent, 2007 autumn winters are all the origin of hairstyle, begin from the air sense of heavy full figure. Www.cnfaxing.cn

Big curl picture

Mad wild curve, spread to deliver remaining part from the top of head. With finalizing the design gently Mu Si stresses fleeciness air rhythm result, create the orderly administrative levels sense in chaos. Hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

Grow straight hair hairstyle

Long straight hair also should contain a bit radian, should pull in hair end only be like those who not have roll degree, the long hair modelling that can let inflexible massiness more show lightsome.

Hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

Protect hair things

1. Brand-new from silk of origin modelling admire, hairstyle of L'OREAL Paris China designs net Cnfaxing.cn

2. Modelling sparge (solid model) , DHC

Hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

3. Fruit acerbity model fine, KEUNE

Chinese hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

4.OSiS is wanton play hair frost, hairstyle of China of Shi Hua cardamom seed designs net Cnfaxing.cn

5. Breast of model of water pole line is moist model, l'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

Curl hairstyle

Have a spent messy bob, be full of the half-baked mood aesthetic feeling of this one season. Finalize the design lately to let the effect is more lasting, must taste the collocation with U hairpin to use through modelling.


Protect hair picture

1.OSiS optional modelling is protected, apply Hua Kou www.cnfaxing.cn

2. Snow flies violently Mu Si, l'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL

Chinese hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

3. From fluid of curl of modelling of origin heating power, hairstyle of L'OREAL Paris China designs net Cnfaxing.cn

4.OSiS 100 change glue, apply Hua Kou

Hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

5.HOP! Curly Expression, LAKME hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

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