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Protect the Ji that send secretary to make beautiful hair more attractive
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* decreases as far as possible finalize the design the time that the product keeps on beautiful hair, can reduce the harm that correct of organic chemistry composition sends as far as possible.
* uses beautiful hair for a long time to finalize the design product, want special attention of the hair moist with repair. Protect hair cream breast and hair film are indispensable.

Elite of elite of * provitamin B5, olive oil, albumen fluid, plant is good to beautiful hair part etc, some finalize the design the meeting in the product adds them, want watchful identifying.

* is in the Xia Qiu with intense sunshine is seasonal, want to use the harm that prevents water of the Li that bask in 啫 to protect a hair not to suffer ultraviolet ray.

The beautiful hair after * finalizes the design does not want to be combed repeatedly, the attrition that can increase beautiful hair so is injured thereby hair is qualitative, also meet at the same time pare is protected wet reach finalize the design the effect.

* is being bought finalize the design when the product, choose composition to indicate as far as possible of ” of “ nonalcoholic composition, because alcohol can let beautiful hair,become dry and coarse. Www.cnfaxing.cn

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