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Contracted hairstyle is inferior to beautifying hair times
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Be in colorful current world, beautify hair the domain started a pursuit however concise with conservative fashion. Trival modelling already became the past, those who replace is brachylogy of clingy head, line, smooth hair style, on international T arena, ballet hair style, ponytail, tall dish of head and various bingle became new window, newest of all kinds protects wet series to also give new hair style infuse more vigor.

Correct tool

Without giving thought to thick hair, thin hair, bright wet hairstyle suits all sorts of hair to pledge. Need to have only appropriate tool and beautify hair correctly knowledge, elegant hairstyle comes namely in what can breathe out in your hand. Because this must not overlook the leading role with this indispensable season: Comb. Wooden comb and ox horn comb do not hurt a hair absolutely, use plastic when combing, must notice to whether have on the comb press coarsely seam. Be about to comb a feeling of bright wet hair, had better take furcate a tooth-like part of anything with special comb, can make fixature very even so the ground distributings to go up at the hair, comb a handsome filar detailed model.  

Professional doohickey

1, modulation fixature: Fixature of have the aid of although but model gives all sorts of hairstyle, but it is very easy desiccate. Means of settlement: Can add to protect hair vegetable to the middle of be put at fixature of the centre of the palm, smooth hind daub on hair.  

2, handle wets: Beautify hair with damp hand daub things, can prevent to beautify hair so when things stays on the hand, be absorbed by hand ministry skin.

3, endurance: Will beautify hair things besmear compares besmear to maintain more easily on wet hair on damp-dry hair.

4, without hangover: Rub silk, hair creams and erupt water had better be used plastic brush brush except.

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