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Self-restrained the hair is moist nurse
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The hair nurses
Of the hair important, can be imagined
Why the reverse side that men see the woman that has a long long beautiful hair, think her beauty is like a beauty? Of the hair important, can be imagined. Do not think spend money goes if hairstyle house nurses, can consult the following moist recipe.

Moist recipe

Avoid the water shampoo with cold or too hot aether, also should avoid a hair to be basked in continuously by sunshine, or close quarters of the canister that use wind is blown dry, send qualitative meeting to work otherwise reach fork.

Idea sends burnish, with spoonful honey candy mixes put on the skin of spoonful warm water to go up at the head after shampoo, massage hair root 5 to 10 minutes, rinse clean next.

Freeze unsealed beer snow two days, join five proportional white vinegar next, fall on abluent hair, massage 5 minutes of fullback to wash, can make the hair is combed easily.

The head is massaged after getting up in the morning, arrange from the top of head by to cervical about ten minutes, conduce scalp blood circulates.

Chicken, duck and fish are big to compensatory hair nutrition helpful.

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