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Autumn protects hair whole strategy
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The autumn came, wood wither. Dear sisters, feel the hair is a little withered and yellow, the skin stretchs tight a little closely, does the mood also have some of fretted uneasiness?

You caught special the beautiful hair that grabs an eye, you ironed the curl with particularly popular nowadays, go on the street, offend come countless colourful admired look. But return,to the mirror you just discover in the home, the face is beautiful beautiful clinking beautiful hair, leave however removed fork. Comb twice with the comb, shave one's head to be a monk or nun also begins increase. Your hair becomes bleak and sere, without burnish, lose the filar silk former days to arrange slippery … already…

The expert diagnoses:

Autumnal climate is dry, sunshine time shortens, air temperature drops, cause people body and mind easily unwell. Air temperature is reduced bring about head fur fine vasomotor, decrease accordingly for blood, make the hair lacks enough nutrition. Weather dry, sand blown by wind makes again greatly the hair is couldn't get enough moist, what bring about a hair easily so is sere fall off.

Autumn protects hair whole strategy:

Sere hair is qualitative- - should choose a recipe gentle, contain scour less as far as possible, and the shampoo of can effective compensatory moisture. Contain a lot ofChinese olive, protein and vitaminic B wash hair dew and it is advisable to protect hair vegetable, so sisters must see clear part when buying shampoo, must not careless! Two days wash hair effect optimal, wash hair frequency to be able to cause hair nutrition loss too often instead.

To avoid moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year, the hair that lets you looks more beautiful beautiful luster, sisters avoid to use what all electric power operate to blow hair curl appliance as far as possible please. If must be used, also should wipe superstratum to protect on the hair beforehand hair article, in order to protect flimsy hair.

Hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

Face trichomadesis- - when choosing shampoo, want to notice its nutrition recipe, choose as far as possible but of firm hair root wash hair product. Say to do obeisance to with chemical sex, excitant shampoo.

Comb your hair gently please, do not want tug to pull, lest be opposite,the hair causes harm. Additional, often alternate head road, can make new model to oneself already, also be one of effective methods that avoid trichomadesis.

Undertake 2-3 to scalp everyday second massage, can promote haemal circulation, dredge interior nutrition furnishs.

Want to eat much kelp, laver, shellfish to wait more, the food such as egg, fish, milk, nutlet, with compensatory hair place must the element such as copper, cobaltic, iron.
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