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Brief answer protect hair DIY
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Comb on the bed hair
Massage scalp, stimulative scalp blood circulates, eliminate hair defilement and fall off scurf, make a patient clean, comfortable, increase aesthetic feeling.
[the operation prepares]
Remedial towel, comb, paper bag, have when necessary 50 % alcohol.
[operate a point]
1. Spread remedial towel to go up at pillow, patient head gets lost a side.
2. The hand grasps small hair, comb by hair tip hair root, grow to send or be encountered when having tie, circle the hair in show point to go up to be combed slowly,
Be like a hair already get together becomes a group, with 50 % comb after alcohol is wet suitable.
3. Remove next remedial towel, put lose one's hair in paper bag.
[crucial attention is nodded]
1. Avoid to comb forcibly pull, make a patient aching.
2. Ordinal comb all hair, comb hairstyle to accord with patient be fond of as far as possible.
Wash on the bed hair
1. Promotional scalp blood circulates, eliminate defilement and scurf.
2. Precaution and purify head cootie, Ji, afterwards of precautionary head skin sends infection.
[the operation prepares]
1. The cure that use thing dish inside put bath towel of sheet of horse's hoof mat, big plastic paper, small rubber, towel each 1, brooch, gauze
Cloth or blind fold, tampon 2, paper bag, wash 40—45oC hot water is contained inside hair fluid, comb, pail, jug, conditional when
Equipment hair dryer, useful content all puts place in nurse on the car. Can use the shampoo car with complete facility conditionally, make a patient comfortable. Operation
Convenient, save able-bodied person.
2. The environment closes according to season window, room temperature with 24 ℃ advisable, avoid flatus.
[operate a point]
1. To patient explanation, in order to obtain cooperation, removed the desk and chair other the bed. Chinese hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn
2. Patient bend one's knees lies on his back, the head stands by bedside. Move pillow shoulder issues sheet of buy small rubber, bath towel to go up at pillow, unlock collar, cervical
Surround towel, secure with brooch.
3. After horse's hoof form fills up neck of patient of the park after be being enclothed with plastic paper, the mouth is gadarene, bottom of form of chamfer of another make it receives plastic paper
Slop pail.
4. Tampon fills in two ear, double eye of gauze or blind fold cover, or enjoin patient closes a key point.
5. Wash hair
(1) try at patient head with hot water of hand Ju a few first lukewarm.
(2) hot water is wet hair.
(3) use wash hair fluid, carry ministry knead on the head to the head from hair border.
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