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Wash every week sent you a few times to be opposite
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“ protects ” of hair young doctor to see a group of interesting numbers to everybody first today:
Average per capita of · Euramerican developed country is washed every week send 6.4 times
· Japan average per capita is washed every week send 5.3 times
Average per capita of · Hong Kong is washed every week send 7 times
· is Philippine all wash every week send 7.3 times
Average per capita of dweller of · China town washs hair 2—2.5 every week second
Visible, in Euramerican with other a few developed countries are mixed area, wash everyday hair already became commonplace. And be in China, although in recent years economy obtained flying development, but the influence that reachs bias as a result of traditional habit, the daily and wholesome habit of people does not follow to go up far however the pace that the times grows, wash hair frequency far under the developed country.
Want to know, we bilk the environment with living now in, dirt, dust, chemical content and all sorts of microbial (bacterium, mould) the hair that the all the time is not invading us. One the world comes, do not know to “ of how many dirty plaything settles down ” is on hair and scalp really, if you still are fixature, rub silk and other a few finalize the design of things faithful the person that use, the dirty stuff of hair adsorption is to exceed far more your imagination, shelter evil people and practices with “ ” appearance also has not been been. And just is the bilge that these adhere publish a range in the head, the likelihood causes the loss with qualitative hair.
Wash the advantage of hair great
Additional, modern society is interactive very frequent, social situation is more, reveal the beautiful hair of own individual character neatly, adequately directly, what can make oneself maintain good state of mind and altitude is self-confident, win the good impression of the other side more easily also. Now, we might as well look to often wash the advantage of hair! Hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn
· often is washed send the chance that reduces hair damage, make a hair more healthy
Bilge and dust can increase a hair to grind between each other, cause a hair to be damaged, make the hair loses luster, appear bleak without opportunity of survival. Often wash hair, the dust that can pile up on scour off hair, bilge and grease, reduce the chance that the hair is damaged from this, make a hair more healthy.
· often is washed hair can make a hair stronger
Strict scientific test reveals the fact with general iron: Often wash send the opportunity that can make send to decrease 70% !
· often is washed hair is OK control dander
Exist on all scalp microbial, certain microbial amount is overmuch on the person scalp that has scurf (a the commonnest kind microbial for chaff spore bacterium) , the desquamation with affected a hair normal is periodic, produce dander thereby, and the hair is daily excretive grease is education of this a bit biologic base. Wash a hair everyday, the redundant grease on scour off scalp and hair, be control dander generation is the most essential also be one of the most effective methods. After, “ protects ” of hair young doctor to will monarch only, discuss technically how to control aggravating dander.
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