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Comb hair let beautify hair to often show
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I hear of “ often do up one's hair can let a hair keep beautiful beautiful suitable slippery, is there this reason? ”
Comb hair is OK the float skin on take out head and hair and dirty content, give scalp with measurable stimulation, circulate in order to promote blood, make a hair soft and luster. Comb hair, the brush that the animal wool of use coarse groove makes is best, both neither can harm a hair, massage action can reach since correct skin again.
Comb the action of hair, can make send molten forcedly, make soft hair is held out. Accurate sleek method is, above all from comb messy Mao Sao begins, with the brush Mao Sao sticks scalp gently, rotating slowly sleek. Want forcibly even, if had exerted oneself to do sth. fierce, can stab scalp. Comb backward from the hair border of forehead first, toward opposite way, again edge hair border from hind comb ahead. Next, the upside from left, right side undertakes combing to respective and opposite way respectively, let a hair finally to the head all around wrap around to be combed dispersedly. When do up one's hair, bend the body ahead at the same time or admire backward, circulate in order to promote blood, such effects will be better. One place combs every time 5 ~ 6, whole hair makes the same score uniform nature sleek 100 times or so to be optimum.
If your hair is of drying, when combing, want some more multi-purpose force; The hair is oily, it is good when combing to be jumped over lesser forcibly, if exert oneself to do sth. too much, fat of can exciting skin increases secrete.

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