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The shears of hairstyle and catch
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The short bang of BOBO type and lasting appeal of hair on the temples are very, highlighted the curve with beautiful mandible, whole BOBO part is gifted the bright color of the violet, and from the back the black show hair below have diarrhoea formed bright contrast. Whole hair style is gentle in the belt is firm, outside reflecting city OFFICE woman soft inside firm character trait.
The hair line of asymmetry the ear border from a side is inclined below, the bang before the hair silk of right slightness is mixed is handed in collect at a downy point of view was being formed below jaw. Be caught from the hair that right ministry lining reachs after ear aureate, drew the outline of the radian like last quarter moon, the black outside sends silk to enclothe its to go up, lightsome tassel is like between the action, wave to reply again namely dispersedly good line.
The bingle of individual character has meticulous arrangement, the design of asymmetry added the sense with jumpy vision, changed the commonplace impression of bingle. And the point delivering remaining part that hale modelling grows in hair on the temples and fine however reflects the curve with downy place. The halation of red of wine of the beautiful move that send extensive, a more full-bodied colour and lustre appears in place of the top of head.
The hairstyle of long straight hair, anion already made past type. On the stage of fashionable dress T this year, of everywhere is rambling Bohemia optional with along with the gender, again flagrant also an inflexible hair. Tat is worn to cross between at that time 2003, all fashionable topics also begin from the beginning, the hair begins to stage an armed rebellion rise.
Of fashionable dress multivariate drive, the popular trend of hairstyle also appeared much 2003 appearance is colorful: Bingle does not pass when, long hair also is shown modern, straight hair can weigh halfback, curl also is popular. Be worth what carry is, it is no matter bingle or it is long hair, be sent continuously without giving thought to or be curl does not have new of one season advocate call style and strike.
Cut —— Cnfaxing.cn of net of design of concise and clean hair style
In bingle respect, the hairstyle that Sha Xuanmei sends Great Master those to get · case luck and famous international fashionable dress to design Milner of · of Great Master Deborah sees in the design, new the fashionable tide of one season is serve as popular key with lively, clean “cleanlook” , the characteristic is the administrative levels when cutting out little, or do not have administrative levels completely, look very agile. When Pang overcomes type to cut a law to had passed, the length of the hair is orderly, consistent, hair end looks also won't the feeling that hairiness burr pricks.
If want to make great efforts on bingle, OK also have the aid of finalizes the design the hair such as sparge is tasted try to change, comb, same hair style also can design the model that feels different.
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