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Fleeciness horsetail has modelling feeling more
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Beauty exceeds bright look style conspicuously
Dish hair
Want to let horsetail look if having modelling to feel more, topping with go against blowing fleeciness shape is necessary two trim a focal point greatly, and the heft that circles horsetail to secure the braid of place to be able to increase whole hair style and feeling of heavy full figure, if fear skill is bad to look not suitable, can add cloak of hair act the role ofing to hold an ornament concurrently.
Dish hair
1, bang the hair of area of the top of head of right upper part comes out independently first, bind sleek of the others hair into centrally again slant left topping horsetail.
Dish hair
2, the hair of area of the top of head that comes out independence again, contrary to reason or one's expectation braids inattentive braid to move to be secured to horsetail place.
Dish hair
3, the hair of horsetail end is gone against finally blow fleeciness shape, let hair line center accumulation to be in bang upper part, add hair act the role ofing.
Dish hair
From the back
The mist that decide affection: Go against in horsetail it is OK to blow fleeciness place finalize the design on gush sparge enhances the power that prop up, it is better to go against gush effect by next upgrades.
Viscose: The line processing that bang is in can make appliance has moist to finalize the design the viscose of the effect, make a hair natural can maintain radian again.
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