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TONI & GUY hair in northern China released in 2010 autumn and winter trends
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Autumn is getting stronger, cold hit, creative facial hair to Yela season is no longer bleak. Known as the Asian trend indicators TONI & GUY northern China art team for the Asian mass transfer characteristics, extending TONI & GUY 2010 global hair trends "Interactive Interactive" in the cut, color and shape aspects of the creative spirit, the grand launch Winter 2010 most popular hair trends, warm in color, facial hair feeling very air this fall and winter the perfect interpretation of the theme - "SWING Autumn • thousand." Five texture of autumn and winter hair cut way to make hair soft and varied lines, just the right texture perm deal with a rich dynamic, displaying a sense of a more nimble air, clear the prestigious TONI & GUY strong dynamism and rich texture of hair style regression. Hair colors, uses a lot of warm colors. Warm and soft with a natural sense of deep wine red, deep maroon of the match, highlighting women not to cover up the natural beauty and elegant style, the trend this season will be the main tones. Each hair style can be based on individual custom trim, the highlight for individuals on the basis of personal charm, so that women more feminine. This autumn and winter, TONI & GUY will be personality but without losing the charm of an elegant custom hair and make you street party doing my absolute hero. Today, many guests have the same situation, head for the bobo tired, and want to make a change, but do not want to cut my hair. In this model's hair, choose the basic structure of the undercut, the overall structure of the bottom, then trim the edges softer level, then use the hair of the TONI & GUY dynamic operating skills, and make the top of the structure, the edge of the bottom level of district The main role is to give the hair a more adequate level of support, and brought her enough movement.
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