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Sam McKniqht - Godfather of Hair Design trend-three years
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Practitioners in more than three decades of his career, Sam McKnight is always in the forefront of hair fashion. Since 1978, for the first time for the Vogue shoot, he began with the publication of the cooperation, the cover of Vogue shoot hundreds of pieces and pictures. His work not only appear in major international versions of Vogue, British Vogue is more stirring to maintain a good understanding of creativity: the month in 2006, the cover 12 in as many as eight works from Sam McKnight's hands. Godfather of Hair Design three decades leading the trend In the eighties, Sam McKnight and Bruce Webb (Bruce Weber), Steve Messer (Steven Meisel), Patrick Cod Ma Qielei (Patrick Demarchelier), Irving Penn ( Irving Penn) and Richard Avedon (Richard Avedon), and other famous photographers work closely together to create a large number of classic style, for the hair to lay the foundation for the rise of new wave and make it personal world-renowned fashion industry. Currently, he also important with the rapid rise in recent years, photographer Mark Craig Dean (Craig McDean), Nick Knight (Nick Knight), and Solve Solve etc. work together to continue to affect the exquisite workmanship and beauty of our The concept of hair. The mid-eighties, Sam exposure to the forefront of fashion, design for many memorable supermodel shape. Even now, in the shooting, fashion shows and advertising photography, still personally take care of Linda Yi Fang Geli Masters Costa (Linda Evangelista), Gisele Chen (Gisele Bundchen), Kate Moss (Kate Moss) such as supermodel hair. And the list continues to increase, such as the newly minted supermodel Dali Ya (Daria), Garma Ward (Gemma Ward), Stam (Stam) and Lily. Jonathan (Donaldson) and so on. Respected ladies star "fashion guide" Sam has always been a super celebrity clients. Among the many people behind the shapes memories, all can see that his devotion. These figures include Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman), Cate Blanchett (Cate Blanchett), Kelly. Minogue (Kylie Minogue), Madonna (Madonna), Elizabeth Hurley (Elizabeth Hurley) , Uma Thurman (Uma Thurman), Sienna Miller (Sienna Miller), Drew Barrymore (Drew Barrymore) and the latest Bond girl Eva Green (Eva Green). This was undoubtedly the most famous of which the late British Princess Diana, Princess Diana passed away until 1990, Sam often with the left and right, to design a signature hairstyle. Award-winning fashion brand designated master chief Sam can say countless honors, including three consecutive years in the nineties British hair stylist Year Award (British Session Hairdresser of the Year), and the removal of people envious of the Paris and New York "Venus" Award. In 2002, Sam figures by the British Elle Fashion Awards honor awarded Best Hair Stylist (Best Session Hairdresser of the Year), removal of the fashion industry's most glittering crown. In a series of awards in addition, Sam was invited to become a global ambassador Pantene, and continue to today. Sam has been working with top fashion designers closely involved in Giorgio Armani (Giorgio Armani), D-Squared, Prada (Prada), Etro, Gucci (Gucci), Chloe, Stella McCartney (Stella McCartney), Julian McDonald (Julien MacDonald) and Matthew Williamson (Matthew Williamson), and many other fashion publishing and exhibition activities. The end of 2006, he joined Christie's luxury brand Dior (Christian Dior), Dolce - Cabana (Dolce Gabbana), Kate Moss endorsement Rui Mier (Rimmel), and Anna Molina Ray (Anna Molinari) endorsement of the Etro and many other brands of print and TV commercial production, the stunning supermodel who designed the hairstyle. Sam by the world designers, photographers and journalists respect, worthy of the international fashion industry's top hair designers.
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