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Wide range of both European and American Street beat hair type
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Europe Zone has been a pioneer in leading the world fashion district, in addition to other costumes, hair all the influx of people is also very worth learning and reference. From the Traditional to the simple number of hair, from long to short, carved from a large hot straight hair, tails and playful spirit to the Department of short hair, BOB the first readily available, as well as hair bands, scarves, hats and other hair accessories with everything! Department of carved red hair, gorgeous fluffy texture that is more petite face! If you have been bad for the hot hair care and distress, try a sense of cool air straight hair now, the degree did not lose hair fashionable too! Hat hair with the most important balance is to look at both sides of the hair to achieve the best effect of modified face Oh! Smooth ponytail or bun Futie season we have seen a lot of show games for three-dimensional facial features were fine and deep profile can become even more prominent!
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