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New hairdo spring 2011 Year of popular new atmosphere will
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End of the year, the trend in 2010 will soon be over. In the coming trend in 2011 will rise what it? And what new hair style will be popular so fast? Check it out together! "British system" Series: handsome, stylish, and easy, casual Neat, simple, high-level intellectual short hair, comfortable and natural, OL ideal for women in the workplace, women can be good to highlight the intellectual elegance, handsome skilful side. Meanwhile, beat the burgundy hair color, cool fashion sense, taste extraordinary. BOB head very retro, but also a whole new fashion concept, but also highlights the free and easy with the nature of the modern woman, full of the trend of the atmosphere. The highlight is the lock of hair irregular-shaped pieces, which together with beautiful stained chip level, with a strong British Fashion. This hairstyle is a classic Victorian Sassoon hair, her retro and modern in one set, very good to bring out the modern woman's delicate face, highlighting the features of the three-dimensional beauty of women, always exudes intellectual and elegant, with just soft in the charm of the gas. The shoulder-length hair within the buckle, so the trend of women who not only charming and sexy and stylish appearance, black hair will be purple in the sun reflects the sunlight, is this a bold breakthrough in hair and innovation. Walking the streets in the afternoon, the looming purple sheen and add more gas and your fashion sense of mystery. "Magic" type: Brisk elegant, avant-garde trend of short hair the texture of this individual to attend the Paris Fashion Week with Fan Bingbing made of steel wire has the same purpose. Special fluffy hair fashionable, break through the rigidly stick to life, to express themselves attractive, popular with the little dress, full taste. Slightly exaggerated form, bringing a new trend of breath. The air being super curly hair, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, stylish blend of fantasy elements, fluffy hair, casual yet elegant feeling, you can mix and match denim or punk style clothing, showing women cool side. Beautiful wine red wavy hair, straight hair to break the traditional single, shiny long hair also showed off the soft texture of silk, the lines very well be deducted from the face modification of the MM. Hair disclosed in whole unrestrained enthusiasm in the gentle, showing the modern women's tenderness and romance. Pear head carved chestnut metallic look both elegant and straightforward trend of the Queen, without losing the girl next door, fresh and lovely, stylish combination of metallic and maroon, and make skin more fair. The tail at a level within the buckle is a sense of type. Sleek straight hair with a classic three-dimensional geometric cut, long ago, after a short red brown hair design and color can be dynamic with a variety of makeup on, can well reflect the modern woman with just the soft beauty. Shiny red brown hair color to bring out the female white skin, natural, fresh.
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