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Information School Girls Hair Design Seminar held in the classroom
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Recently, information from the Graduate School of Nankai University will host the activities of the characteristics of the brand ----" girls class "of hair styling seminars a successful conclusion. The activities are mainly women have studied science and engineering taking into account the time constraints, the research pressure, lack of opportunity to focus on their hair healthy and beautiful, but also for a wide range of students interested in training, organized the fifth "girls classroom" activities. The event raised a "symbol of y outh, the popular model, so that my hair, breath, beauty start from scratch" slogan, invited to the senior teachers and other professional hair stylist sentence, the system described to the students knowledge about the hair, for everyone's health and beauty into their own vitality. Lecture, the teacher according to their own criminal hairdressing industry for many years design experience, as we explain in detail the daily hair protection, hair tips, how to prevent hair loss, hair design, the current fashion content, while the daily lives of people know about the hair given to correct errors, Xing teacher expertise and vivid presentations attract your applause. In the following Q & A session, students were eager to make their own long-standing problem of confusion, passion Xing answers one by one teacher. It is reported that Information Science "Girls Class" series of activities have been successfully held for four, involving Chinese knot weaving, flower, beauty make-up, dance practice, etc.; the organizers of this feature through a series of activities designed for Information Science to provide a good majority of girls cultivate physical and mental platform to ease the academic and employment pressure, and promote the comprehensive development of female science and engineering.
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