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What how make a hair long is faster
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The growth that how can you just make a hair long get faster hair speed and what are concerned?
One) gland body
① sexual gland: Male hormone has the main effect that cell of exciting wool mother grows.
② is adrenal: If adrenal disease of woman much wool can be caused when coriaceous male hormone secretes flourishing to fill. But also concern with hypophysis function, when be like hypophysis function to degrade, hair decreases possibly or fall off.
③ thyroid gland: Of thyroid function normal, have main effect to the growth of hair. When the function that is like it is maladjusted, the 1/3 outside superciliary is in the hair of Nie ministry to go out to fall off now, when the function drops, not only color drops show hoar, and hair decreases or fall off. The growth of hair is controlled with what fall off to basically get the growth period of hair itself, but be like,also get other factor: The influence of the element such as state of phyletic, endocrine, disease, spirit, sexual distinction, age, season.
(1) phyletic: Racial diversity is a kind of more apparent phenomenon, different and phyletic person, not only the color of the hair is different, of the hair how many also have a difference with growth circumstance. Bald-headed very common in Caucasian, less in the Chinese, and more infrequent in Indian. (2) genetic: Be in same familial in, the growth of the hair the state often agrees roughly. The male bald-headed have affinity with heredity.
(3) endocrine: Male hormone but immediate effect the wool bursa at the hair, cause the man model bald-headed. The person that lacks male hormone stimulation (be like eunuch) , won't produce this kind of phenomenon. Female hormone has the effect of antagonism male sex hormone, so the female appears rarely before menopause bald-headed. When thyroid hormone is insufficient, the hair is exiguous, the hair when adrenal function is low decreases, the Xie Gongneng before pituitary drops can bring about hair completely bald.

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(4) mental state: Nervous, scared, worry can make the hair falls off apparent increase. According to the report, a capital punishment makes after be being adjudged everyday trichomadesis many 1000.
(5) vitamin: A of long-term lack vitamin can bring about a hair exiguous; Lack vitamin B2 to be able to appear Pi Zhiyi gives increase, can appear Pi Zhiyi gives increase, the hair is easy fall off; Vitamin B6 lack can cause leather fat to secrete unusual, prophylactic of profess to convinced can accelerate metabolism, use up more vitamin B6, some females diffuse sexual lose one's hair may be concerned with this. In addition, vitamin B6 can affect pigment metabolization process, the hair when lack is alterable grey, grow undesirable; Pantothenic acid (call a vitamin B3 again) can make a hair whiten when lack, grow undesirable; Inositol belongs to vitamin B a group of things with common features, it can prevent a hair to fall off; Biology element (call a vitamin H2 again) can make hair falls off when lack; Also belong to vitamin of B a group of things with common features to amino benzoic acid, it can protect hair colour and lustre, grow what maintain a hair normally. (6) microelement: The change of zinc of the microelement in the scholar observed a hair, iron, molybdenum, calcic, lead, magnesian, manganese and selenium value, discover value of copper of trichomadesis patient zinc, iron, manganese is reduced significantly, and calcic, magnesian, Selenium is worth remarkable heighten, not typical lose one's hair person each element value does not have difference. The absorption of iron of influence of the meeting that be short of copper and use, iron metabolization is undesirable meeting occurrence anaemia, spirit is excited wait for a symptom, latter can send an element for the hurried with bald spot, the character that lacks copper to still can affect hair changes a course, affect a hair to grow thereby; Calcium is united in wedlock through as calcic as tone albumen and produce effect, calcic chroma Gao Ke can change central nervous immune adjustment function, bring about trichomadesis thereby; The excessive of selenium can increase because of oneself immunity reaction and scalp fat excessive and bring about trichomadesis.
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