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Girl VS young married woman beautifies hair skill
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Report sends a girl piece
Longing is inserted on sexy wing, leave on the head that lets you full mad wild wave or enchanting flower? Here has the hair style that makes you enchanted, will try!
1, if your hair is not much, can use rinse to wash hair fluid to wash hair, it can make your hair elegant rise. If your hair volume is average, or slant much, so the shampoo that uses normally with you. When blowing dry hair, with big circle combs comb the hair as far as possible straight, if you are inherent curl, lubricant cream can help.
2, the hair that becomes you works completely and very straight when, side is distributed, comb the hair after ear a low horsetail, secure with hair circle. The hair put apart of two side comes to the face twice (each 3 inches two wide) , on the gush on these two hairs electric heat defends fluid, comb to hair tip from hair root with the comb divide evenly.
3, perpendicular taking curl implement, roll on 2 inches of wide hairs, make curl implement distance face 1 inch far. If want big flower, report sends a club at least 1 inch wide. Coil 10 seconds, unlock next. What send from the beginning is outer arrive li of layer, duplicate same job. But the hair from the back is not moved.
4, pawn forehead already was coiled to spend when the lid is full, take the hair group on horsetail, comb with big circle rotate the ground combs the hair in front, comb downward first, again up cock, such hairs are embraced like the feather with meeting lightsome resembling in the face all round, wipe finally on rub silk. What require a tool: Curl implement, the circle combs, electric heat defends fluid, hair dryer, hair circle.

Curl young married woman piece
This is not your grandma coils the method of the hair. These measure will make your hair nobility attractive under. Big hair curls can make fall like wave, you can look like a princess.

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1, begin from dry hair, do not need shampoo, if you want to wash, can be washed before today in curl and use a few rub silk, this can make sure your hair looks rich and generous. If your hair is inherent curly, with lubricant cream, pull gently coil continuously flower. Stay to carry left hair on the head odd next.
2, coil with big hair furl the hair of put apart, will send coil all the time skin of in the end, coil with hairpin general hair fixed. Same method coils the hair of right of the top of head, next the hair at the back of redo. At this moment you can read this magazine, until hair roll become cool, it is 20 minutes about.
3, careful unship hair curls, the movement is not hurried, otherwise the hair can be pestered rise. Comb gently hair roll, make big downy wave, if you are inherent curl, after you need to be mixed before curl, wipe on lubricant cream, such your hairs won't be too random. To do not make head dummy resembles trigonometry, knead the loose ministry that send a root gently with finger.
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