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The 3 big magical effect of the comb
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The function of the comb is far more than comb a hair, it still can be in a little sanitarian articles for use acts as in your hand, produce preserve one's health, strong and handsome effect.

Comb hair preserve one's health

Head house human body is supreme place, have wind of pool of 100 meetings, wind, dumb door, slight corneal opacity, sun, imprint the human body such as hall is main acupuncture point. Often comb a hair with the comb, sth resembling a net of can thin stimulate the menstrual flow, invigorate the circulation of blood changes silt, improve the nutrition inside scalp and skull. With the head when excessive feeling is tired, do up one's hair can feel several minutes relaxed and comfortable namely. Comb send sex of pair of migraine, nerve to have a headache, the disease such as disease of stubborn sex insomnia and cervical ache also has certain curative effect. Comb hair should arrange main and collateral channels to go. With the forehead Qianzhengzhong begins to be combed to order of the top of head, occipitalia, neck with even force, comb again next delimit the top of head of or so side, make comb tine and head surface are perpendicular the action is a bit quick had better, comb 100 times or so every time commonly. Use comb with wood best.

Comb breast is strong and handsome

Prevent disease with what wooden comb combs the breast is a kind of effective everyday, maintain the simple and easy method with strong and handsome breast. Clinical experience makes clear, comb breast can make mammary blood be accelerated circularly, have increase to mammary gland is secreted and be excreted collect accumulate galactic function, right postpartum be short of breast, accumulate the disease such as hyperplasia of mastitis of carbuncle of breast, breast, acute and mammary gland flocculus to all have positive remedial effect. Comb hot compress of lacteal Shi Rexian or it is better that outside using medicaments decoct liquid, the effect is washed. For example, cure is galactic be illogical, the symptom rises at the beginning of local gall and mastitis, usable the root of herbaceous peony 20 grams, selfheal, dandelion each 30 grams, be washed outside water simmer in water and make spread of damp and hot. Hold a breast in the palm single-handed next, hold wooden comb single-handed by the breast all around comb to tit direction gently, comb every time 10-15 minute, combing breast while tit of again light hold tight is counted second, be in charge of with mammary gland of outspread tit ministry, make lactescence unobstructed. Www.cnfaxing.cn

Comb bath beautiful skin

With down the brush wipes body skin when bath, can cleared body expresses the constituent cell of ageing, make sweat gland, sebaceous glands excretes unobstructed, still can promote cutaneous blood circulation, enhance disease-resistant ability, can prevent and cure skin disease of certain and stubborn sex. Leave bath crock 1-2 body of wash and dress begins after minute, choose the long handle comb that has massage effect, from be far from cardiac place to begin, the place that cannot comb forcibly is usable make up cotton is wiped, the place of adipose accumulation, want to be combed mainly, finally, have water bath again, in order to make pore relaxed. Comb bath undertakes everyday can, when rise early or before sleeping late, undertake. Comb the meeting after bath feels the skin is tepid every time, limbs is comfortable, magical quiet gas feel well.
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