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Block Ni Erzong color to catch hair film
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Brown, be this year without doubt is popular. Healthy skin, wave the skirt of dance is placed, bright smile, the season that still has beauty of moving beautiful hair …… belongs to beautiful woman forever. Need not a lot of time, need not too much time, with respect to convertibility one allot color- - Kanier the research center brings battalion cheer for you alimentary catch hair film brown series, let a strong brown show send the experience that brings you the surprise, the wonderful mood that is you catchs on one bright color again!
Battalion colour is alimentary the brown set that acquires hair film shares 3 to make you enchanted unceasingly product.
It is 5.4 sweet caramel above all, natural and pure and fresh in copper is brown, give a person relaxed, cozy feeling, suit young, natural, fashionable woman. If deserve to go up again pure, transparent makeup look, peaceful and bright, let a person find everything new and fresh, use a facial expression for it!
Next is 5.3 Hawaiian fruit, bright and beautiful is free and easy in Jin Zong is lubricious, make beautiful hair looks more bright, elegant, can match natural, bright makeup look, make you appear more young, be self-confident!
Finally is 4.3 bubble coffee, the deep Jin Zong of full-bodied elegance is lubricious, let send color to be changed somewhat and implicative nature, suit the female of mature connotation, can match shallow brown light weak makeup look, easy and refined, can reflect mature female oomph most, more you add self-confidence!
Battalion colour is alimentary outside the colour that catchs the brown set that sends film to bring Ling Renyan to admire besides the beautiful hair that is you, more beautiful hair is brought as always plump and smooth-skinned with bright beautiful. It uses oil of elite of high-tech extraction fruit, the harmony that is nature and science and technology is tie-in, can catching hair permeate each lining that send silk at the same time, double and alimentary show is sent, catch hair caress beautiful hair at the same time. The investigation that makes according to be in scientific research center shows: It can make hair quality stronger, more thorough, more abiding. Chinese hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn
Catch to make late qualitative complaisant like silk health, hair color is more bright beautiful abiding, send out moving glorious; Battalion colour is alimentary peculiar fruit is alimentary in catching the recipe that sends film elite is oily, can bring fresh fruit faint scent for you, the beautiful hair bath that lets you is in natural sweet atmosphere, enjoy the hug of nature to the top of one's bent.
In addition, battalion colour is alimentary the recipe of lacteal frostlike powder that catchs hair film makes the product can distributing equably the every hair silk at you, and without drippy trouble, let catch hair become more relaxed, make you experience truly catch the recreational fun of hair! More those who let a person say to surprise for it is, battalion colour is alimentary catch hair film white hair of can perfect cover, you also need not be hair color again not divide evenly and vexed.
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