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Hairdressing surgery makes bald-headed common sense
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1, what is permanent hair transplanting:
Permanent hair transplants even if like seedling transplant same area root transplants (the root of hair is wool bursa) , the hair that the hair after transplanting gives birth to long-term job to jump with other is same, grow ceaselessly, need together with other hair on time clip and arrange.
2, the hair after transplanting can fall off:
Because the hair greater part of transplanting is grading from hair the jian hou mian with dense, exuberant vitality or side head, the hair after transplanting so won't fall off commonly.
3, what kind of person suits permanent hair transplanting:
As a result of permanent hair transplanting must choose from body hair, so, accept him person that transplant, in jian hou mian or side head (or other position) must have a certain quantity of exist with the hair of density, next hair falls off had better be in relative stability period, that is to say, in show level to already fell off without apparently many hair.
4, the extraction that permanent hair transplants wool place can suffer an effect:
Scalp and human body are other the skin of place is same, have certain flexibility, adopt scalp width to be in 2cm, but suture of direct hook in. From microcosmic on tell, average sex increases hair span somewhat all round area extraction wool, but from intuitionistic on tell, do not look to give any apparent difference. Especially hair is long after growing from on be down one cover, a bit does not affect the exterior. Same argument, after passing proper time, still can take wool repeatedly, 2, 3, even 4, 5.
5, whether does hair transplanting operation succeed:
The average survival rate that hair transplants is in commonly 95% above, but think those who achieve satisfaction of pair of bald hair area to enclothe an operation to be finished very hard commonly, main because (one) , the area that offer hair offers wool to have the restriction with have certain. (2) , bald hair area transplants impossibly also very close-grained. So most patient achieves satisfactory result to want to be in 2-3 second left and right sides is more even second. Chinese hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn
6, hair transplanting operation needs how long, have without anguish:
Hair transplanting operation is finished below bureau hemp commonly, can say operation anguish is not great, can come home after patient art. But whole operation time is longer however, main reason is: hair depart becomes individual wool bursa or dinky wool embryo, spend the time with very great medical personnel and energy, design hairstyle for the patient even next, undertake by need individual wool bursa or dinky wool embryo transplant. So we ask before art the patient takes a few books that he likes or magazine commonly, there can be a thing to dismiss at the patient when the job in medical personnel disappear leisure time.
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