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Build the reasonable time of haircut
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A lot of ladies are in beautify hair when inn do one's hair, can hear beautify hair master such advice: Very long was repaired? The hair if 3 months are not repaired, can resemble random grass same. The woman that takes long hair more very much nevertheless objects, feeling is long hair anyway, why is clip so diligent? Actually, the hair often cuts ability to grow well, it is reasonable.
No matter how the modelling of strong crop is satisfactory, it also can hold 12 weeks at most. The growth of every hair can be sent a root to be in the influence of speed of wool tit segmentation, some is some faster, some is some slower. Time grows, the hair can become irregular
Not neat, the hair style with first good crop can produce change, appear jumbled.
The growth in the hair in the process, the hair crosses long meeting to affect head cutaneous breath and metabolization, make scalp gives oily increase. After so the hair grows certain length, should seasonable clip, lest cause leather fat,metabolize disorder. Repair haircut regularly, return the metabolism of cell of OK and exciting hair, the growth of stimulative hair, make send silk to maintain health to shine thereby beautiful condition. Additional, often repair haircut, still can avoid to send tip bifurcate, make sure the hair can grow ceaselessly.
The clip time of long, short hairstyle can differ somewhat. Generally speaking, bingle is OK every months of clip one; Long hair does not exceed 3 months have to clip.

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