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Delicate protect send 5 small stick person
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Protect hair plan Www.cnfaxing.cn

Let beautiful hair enjoy perfect caress

1, when hair drier, had better use the wind tube that has fan housing, fiddle with gently with finger blow Gan Fagen, or let curl nature airing. If strength or range are too big, make curl easily messy. Wind- driven respect, with in spend wind-force to play hair root, stronger wind-force plays hair remaining part. Additional, do not play the part that send a root with sirocco, this meeting makes hairstyle becomes compressed.

2, finalize the design respect, the pomade of quality of a material of lacteal frostlike powder relatively 啫 more natural. If be not done,must stretch tight forcedly again most stretch tight like steel wire. After report is sent each weeks, can undertake depth nurses, with compensatory hair nutrient.

3, ferial wash when hair, had better wash with what design for curl only hair protect hair series, in order to avoid hair silk too inattentive.

4, if hair is qualitative young fine, usable pomade besmear is after shampoo on wet hair, begin to blow the hair by hair root with wind canister next dry. If hair silk is crass, can use the product of a few specific aim, make a hair more orderly.

5, you can dial music hair chaos at will, build messy feeling. Should doing a few on the gush on wet hair to repair partly only protect finalize the design things, the wind tube that has fan housing is used later blow the hair dry, reoccupy hairbrush gets the hair the pine can. Www.cnfaxing.cn

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