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4 hairpin demonstrative graph
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Hairpin DIY Chinese hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

Do not think binding a hair is a troublesome issue, be apt to is acted the role of with all sorts of hair on market auxiliary, can change easily very much a hairstyle that try to be unique, and do not require profound skill completely, cool and refreshing beautiful modelling, it is so simple really.

Shark clip
The shark places seeing the name of a think one thinks of its function, the having that grows namely nods the clincher of big like the shark mouth, place a mouth dentately with two, clip a hair to come modelling, its dimension has have greatly small, a few bigger can will all hair bundle rise, a few smaller can use adornment ornament.

How To Do
Step 1. Had arranged the hair with Mu Si first, comb a low horsetail, secure with black elastic next.
Step 2. The left mix that places the shark in elastic is very fixed.
Step 3. After a bundle of hair turns round winkle a little, cover elastic makes decoration, do with fine hairpin fixed.

Suitable modelling things
The hair rear of this hairstyle is divided, used report to coil the club has been handled, give hair end the sense of deft heavy full figure, coil to secure degree, coil in use report before the club, must have caught in order to make an appointment with the Mu Si of two ping-pongs size or curl appropriative wax first, resumptive use report coils club, such coiling spending is natural abiding.

Banana clip
Because figure appears strip model, longly the dot resembles banana, was taken so so lovely name, use two valve to place or so buckle case, can comb a very different horsetail head, especially the person with very long hair is used, can make horsetail head sends out the temperament of a kind of contracted grace.

How To Do
Step 1. The modelling that hair surface arranges hair effect on gush first is tasted had arranged, comb a taller horsetail. Hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn
Step 2. By a horsetail that fall and goes up banana mix clip has had secured.
Step 3. The person with longer hair, can turn round horsetail again circle reinstate fine hairpin to secure.

Suitable modelling things
Because this hair is of horsetail,be out of shape paragraph, stress the straight suitable feeling of the hair very much, suitable hair product is used first before do up one's hair, had handled the hair, resumptive modelling, the hair silk of luster, the sense that can allow hair style is cleaner, simple feeling is more beautiful.

Hair is forked
Appearance resembles a hair fork like small comb, advocate if apply its tine to comb,secure a hair, the person of curl is made in hair of OK and direct telescope fixed, after the person of straight hair needs to tick off a hair instead first, turn over hair fork to secure again, use in dish use when hair, have feminine taste very much.
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