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How to use blower correctly
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Hair drier is blown after washing a head, it is to blow dry hair not just, still can blow a " " to the hair, achieve the result that beautify hair, do you know what put up with hair drier has?
Blower and hair should maintain the distance of 20 centimeter, although want to blow a modelling, also cannot stick blower on the hair.

The temperature of blower cannot exorbitant, can cause very great harm to the hair otherwise.

Blowy direction should the wool scale direction down the hair, blow to hair end by hair root, ability will be complaisant good comb.

The water that gets on the hair with towel before hair drier is wiped a little, reduce blowy time.

Come loose the head blow to 8 minutes to work, can retain the moisture of the hair, made model finalizes the design more easily also.

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