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Qiu Dongxiu sends de4 old natural enemy
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The environment with dry dry —— , low temperature, cold wind, indoor central heating can take away the moisture of the hair, make send qualitative desiccate, become fragile, withered and yellow hair is acerbity, lose luster, even bifurcate ruptures.
Countermeasure: A, best use the moist part such as embedded and amino acid wash hair dew. B, if send,already began character sere become yellow, had better use the product of elite of hydrous embellish Chinese herbal medicine. C, if send craze of tip occurrence bifurcate, or it is flimsy break easily, of best use specially good effect or deep-seated rehabilitate wash protect hair product.
Electrostatic —— dry air and dry hair encounter the child under is electrostatic, so autumn winter hair produces electrostatic effect the most easily, hair of tie of hair of as a result is acerbity, fleeciness and mixed and disorderly, be hard to comb.
Countermeasure: A, should achieve antistatic optimal result, wash hair hind to must be used protect hair vegetable. B, use woodiness or corneous comb comb a hair.
The season with scurf dry —— often makes a hair moist and insufficient, produce drying dander more easily, make scalp scratchy, serious person more be like winter frost double shoulder scatters like snow.
Countermeasure: A, insist to use clean force to go by force everyday scurf washs hair dew. B, as far as possible little gush fixature. Because a week of winter of a lot of people washs one second hair only, the bilge that come down and fixature water are accumulated to be cleaned very hard clean on scalp, can increase the generation of scurf. C, had used after protecting hair vegetable, must rinse clean.
Great this world of wind of prostitution —— Qiudong is much, hit serious northward town in sand blown by wind especially, often make the hair is blown mixed and disorderlily aeriform, and be infected with the sand and dust that go up more drama between hair silk wear away.
Countermeasure: A, not because the weather is cold lazy, must often shampoo, great shampoo. B, shampoo hind is moist model embellish hair dew is first selection. Remember using those who suit drying hair to pledge to protect hair vegetable before C, hair drier, will reduce the harm that blowy correct sends.

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