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Plan of filling water of autumn winter hair
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Autumn winter hair
Check you protect hair detail daily

Sahala asks for hairstyle integratedly to design net Cnfaxing.cn

Index of beautiful hair damage: Www.cnfaxing.cn of ★ ★ ★

Represent district: Hairstyle of China of area of Beijing, Tianjin, Heibei, broad northwest designs net Cnfaxing.cn

Listen to the sound hairstyle of hair to design net Cnfaxing.cn

When “ is combing hair tip, hear the slight sound when the hair breaks off, look at a comb to go up sometimes break hair is hopeless, in the heart insecurity feels distressed again. Hair one dry, aggravating electrostatic swing also swing do not drop. ”Chinese hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

The analytic Www.cnfaxing.cn that Sahala asks for integratedly

Pathogeny of dug climate “”Www.cnfaxing.cn

The outdoor air temperature of ● north is inferior, but because there is central heating inside house,supply, so the hair wants the influence that is changed suddenly by air temperature everyday. The hair stands for a long time one cold the difference in temperature of one heat, the circumstance all the more that makes hair “ is short of water ” is serious. Hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

The hair with dry, flimsy ● , very easy because remove electrostatic and mutual kink, become do hard, can combing more, frequent generation ruptures in formative process. Hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

Want to become: Shui Runxiu sends beauty hairstyle to design net Cnfaxing.cn

Beautiful flood of water, window blossoms in gentleness. Chinese hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

Plan 1 examination your protect hair detail daily


Sere beautiful hair is saved in protecting hair detail daily, do not let moisture escape easily. Hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

Hairstyle of China of strength of do up one's hair designs net Cnfaxing.cn

Comb gentleness wants forcibly when hair, tug of avoid by all means is pulled, to the hair that combs particularly hard, can first gush element of cream of a few suitable hair. Www.cnfaxing.cn

Clip sends silk

Hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

Fixed clip can avoid bifurcate, make send silk to maintain health to shine lustre, return the metabolism that can stimulate hair cell at the same time.

Chinese hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

Plan the Www.cnfaxing.cn of 2 water embellish holiday that begin beautiful hair

Do the massage of the head regularly, the show that gives you extends false.

Chinese hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn
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