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How does coruscate show send glorious
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No matter you are long hair or bingle, the hair of a complaisant burnish can make you add absolutely add expression; But if like that you have hair of ” of standing grain of a “ unfortunately, not brokenhearted, want to be aimed at a reason only, attend wholeheartedly, ” of “ withered grass is absolutely and OK renascence, glorious is absolutely and OK emersion!
Feature of ” of “ withered grass
Brown of tea of ★ color deflection
★ hair breaks off easily, flimsier
★ hair feels coarser character
★ is deficient in burnish
★ is deficient in flexibility
Withered hair reason
★ hair is basked in too much sunbathe
★ gets for a long time illuminate of sun ultraviolet light, the water of hair surface layer distributes meeting prediction of a person's luck in a given year, present withered dry appearance consequently, hair color also can become low
★ classics haunt swim pool swimming, swim Chi Shui contains chlorine, meeting harm sends qualitative cuticular layer and coriaceous layer, after be like swimming, be not cleaned well and handle, the hair is met easy wither
★ classics is commonly used erupt agent and blow hair
Erupt the agent contains chemical part, like if electric hair is caught,be being sent, destroy a hair easily organize with too much metropolis; And blow the temperature when hair too hot, can make easily the moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year of hair surface, become easily withered dry.
The choose that choose water feeds: The source of the life of the hair is the nourishment that comes from our itself absorb, so if ferial the food that we eat did not offer enough nourishment to give a hair, eat less especially contain protein food, how does chairman get exuberance? The hair becomes withered and yellow and dry Yi She is broken, the life that shows a hair already sufferred menace, this attributions ferial “ drenchs water ” is not worth, bring about hidebound, plus the hair the organization is destroyed, the moisture of your hair and protein prediction of a person's luck in a given year, should make it immediately bring the dying back to life, want of course immediately “ fertilization ” , compensatory nourishment. Www.cnfaxing.cn
Like doing hair film and oily no less than to make face film, your face ministry absorbs nutrient doubly, the hair also can make hair film; Oil and hair film, the prediction of a person's luck in a given year that can chain protein and water are divided, your hair can increase the chance that absorbs nourishment, the response is angry.
Method: Wash wet hair first, besmear hair film or oily things equably again full hair, but avoid by all means does not contact scalp directly, use next last hair of paper wrap up, with steam 15-20 minute, clean clean finally small stick person:
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