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Perfect and moist show sends 3 paces music
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1 alimentary moist

STEP1: Choose pair of shampoo

The cleanness of the first pace as protecting skin is same, you need to choose the shampoo that suits you on thoroughly cleared hair smudgy and fat. Shampoo is not pure be to use clean hair, quality is good the shampoo that suits you should make hair and scalp are not damaged kill, make a hair smooth and complaisant, bright lustre, comb easily.
" GOOD " recommend:
WELLA honey protects wet shampoo, protect wet protect hair vegetable
STEP2: Institutional family nurses
As if the professional SPA of beautiful hair is same, the beautiful hair that the measure that nutrition nurses wants to be you namely offers special family to nurse. Protecting fit to use is to make beautiful hair absorbs nutrition adequately, be in at the same time the hair is exterior form covering layer, make its avoid damage to hurt, keep softness, bright lustre, be full of flexibility. In dry autumn winter season, one is had at the same time those who protect wet, nutrition and repair effect is high grade protect hair tasting is indispensable more.
" GOOD " recommend: Times Europe protects wet nutrition shampoo

2 ideal bases makeup
Do not think through clean and nursing two measure finished whole “ show to send process of ” of United States makeup. Beautify hair the expert tells us, simple cleanness and nurse and can not make if advertisement stars,go out perfect bright lustre beautiful hair, the makeup look as skin is same, the hair also needs “ to make up ” . And “ bottom makeup ” is like is the mainest pink base, it is beautiful hair the key of United States makeup one pace.
STEP1: Make a hair suitable slippery
the hair that after washing, wipes equably cent becomes 3 bundles, use show hair nurses latex go up at the hand, stretch finger extend a hair, even ground latex paint at sending silk. From nethermost a bundle of hair begins, will send bundle of park gentleness is massaged between two tactics hair bundle draw a product in order to make a hair sufficient. Additionally two bundles of hairs are operated as much. Comb all hair with the comb finally, undertake arranging slipping airing. Www.cnfaxing.cn
" GOOD " recommend: Block silk of Shi Yingliang manage to breed
STEP2: Give hair heavy full figure simple sense
Blow the hair appreciably after washing dry. Squeeze the product that gives the size like the orange to go up at the palm by nozzle, instigate with the comb fraction besmears equably go up in every hair.
Come by hair root the daub that deliver remaining part, in order to make modelling more show natural sense of beauty. Undertake hair drier next, your hairstyle heavy full figure.
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