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Autumn nurses to beautiful hair more
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Imperceptible in another summer has ended, the autumn of cool wind blow gently begins to wave her elegant demeanour, show her glamour. Rustling Qiu Han lets people be found out from inside almirah forget long already autumn outfit, during at the same time people also is used to coming in the autumn already, caress oneself easy and dry skin more attentively. But right now, most person often begins the care that oversight delivers to him show however.
In fact, the autumn needs those who notice a hair to maintain more. Autumnal chill, of the autumn bleak, plus a not quite healthy hair, again bright beautiful skin and modern autumn outfit also can become dim and blank. Of the hair neat the figure that affecting a person directly, maintain because of what this autumn correct sends and to skin it is likewise important to caress.
The autumn is different from summer, people need not avoid the Gao Zhao of colourful this world constantly, like to be below the sun instead the sunshine that feels warm complacently. But the ultraviolet light in sunshine still exists, because air is rare, the loss that ultraviolet ray causes to the hair may be fiercer, if do not try to take seriously, if things go on like this can bring about a hair to lose flexibility, reduce burnish, hair color becomes low. But if because fear ultraviolet ray and the warmth that misses sunshine, that cannot cherish. With the skin, the hair should prevent ultraviolet ray likewise, also need a diaphragm, effectively help reflexes the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, and the nutrient composition in shampoo and embellish hair dew can accomplish this. A week maintains 4-7 second wash hair frequency, what can maintain a hair effectively not only is clean, still can open to resist for the hair ultraviolet sunshade, go to the lavatory simply already, direct and effective.
In dry autumn, the hair is very easy and sere, and the hair is sere be hair interior moisture is lost, corneous layer is fragile the result that turn, time grew, the hair can become crisp break easily, easy bifurcate and without burnish. Want to look for lost moisture, the simplest and effective method is diligent shampoo, and use those who contain a lot ofmoist component to wash hair dew, can send a root deep because of the nutrient component that contains among them, moist and whole hair. Washed hair hind not to forget to use at the same time protect the profit with high humidity to deliver syrup, its peculiar moist material can adhere to in hair surface, form a diaphragm, the moisture that makes sure hair place needs and nutrient won't easily prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Www.cnfaxing.cn
Autumn wind is big, often blow the hair mixed and disorderlily aeriform, can let a head more be infected with on silk on a lot of sand and dust and grain material. They are just like arenaceous paper grit, in us daily do up one's hair is mixed when the action, increased the attrition power between the hair. Attrition force causes the Mao Xiaopi cock of hair surface, hair surface can become coarse, serious when head give back can open fork, break off. Want to reduce the loss that prostitution causes to the hair, need to hold to only every day shampoo, the culprit that increases these attrition power is thoroughly cleared, and can the original bilge on scour off hair, maintain the cleanness of the hair. At the same time the moist composition in shampoo still can be stroked effectively smooth turn over the Mao Xiaopi that become warped, your hair silk is more complaisant comb easily. Mao Xiaopi level off, the surface of the hair presents smooth level, can even ground reflexes the light, head give back can appear very luster.
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