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Your hair lacks what vitamin
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Elegant beautiful hair everybody wants to have, but in choose all sorts of beautifying hair product while, you also need to understand the provision that chooses pair of disease, have immanent recuperation, complement to the hair. · of Al of expert of world-famous nutrition health care quick heart Dr. Er is special break easily to get dander, hair, the personage draw up that trichomadesis perplexes prescription of a nutrition:
1. The nutriment that dander may lack:

Vitamin B12

The food of need: Animal liver, beef, pork, pluck, egg, milk, milk products.

Vitamin F

The food of need: Vegetable oil, earthnut, sunflower, Hu Tao.

Vitamin B6

The food of need: Liver of nutrient dry yeast, animal, legume, not the corn products of refining process, Yu Xi is branny kind, fish of cereal embryo, green cauliflower, onion, tomato, Wei.

2. Dry the hair that stops easily (lacklustre, white hair) the nutriment that lacks possibly:

Compound vitamin B

The food of need: Yeasty, beer yeast, Bai Huadou.

To amino benzoic acid

The food of need: Currant, muskmelon.

Vitamin F

The food of need: Shellfish of sunflower of vegetable oil, earthnut, Hu Tao, iodic fish, add iodine.


The food of need: Salt, milk products.

3. The nutriment that trichomadesis may lack:

Vitamin H


The food of need: Kidney of liver of beer yeast, firm fruit, ox, animal, unpolished rice.


The food of need: Not liver of the gooey of refining process, animal, lecithin, not the corn products of refining process, orange kind, beer is yeasty.


The food of need: General salt.

Compound vitamin B

The food of need: Yeasty, beer yeast, Ganbai spends beans, currant, muskmelon.

Answer with vitamin C, folic acid

The food of need: Orange kind, liver of dish of leaf of green dish of peppery, tomato, wild cabbage, potato, fresh green, fruit, animal, nutrition does yeast.

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