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Got-up face beautiful bang
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Bang! Often become got-up face very important method, below ourselves DIY clip got-up face beautiful bang.
Hairstyle DIY Hairstyle DIY
1. will be divided by bang
2. leaves the others of ground floor bang to rise with clincher clip only
3. with [the dot is cut] means slowly clip
Hairstyle DIY
After 4. cuts ground floor again clip the 2nd, if ground floor is cut too short, what can cut the 2nd is a few longer remedy with this
5. clips bang with forefinger and middle finger, arrive by the place that distribute a line most on the side, finger appears slightly rake, take scissors dot to cut hair trail continuously
6. grips the hair of partial superstratum finally, transmit coming back bundle hind make thin hair remaining part appropriately
Hairstyle DIY
The got-up face that you want inclined bang was finished, do you like? Like to hurry oneself start work!
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