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If use billow board clip to make fashionable hair style
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The Victoria amorous feelings that individual character advocates
Fashionable hairstyle
Clew: Irregular with billow board clip sends several gather bundle of clip to go out dentate hind, go against the behavioral ten million that blows a hair to make fleeciness feeling more full-bodied with the comb cannot oversight, and remember a comb wanting by blow inside extroversion, cannot repeat blow a hair back and forth, make easily send silk to get hurt otherwise, the movement of adduction of braid hair end also must add exercise ability to close beautifully more.
Fashionable hairstyle
1, go against the hair with the comb for the most part first blow build fleeciness and romantic feeling, the way that blow wants to unite, do not want to be blown back and forth.

2, go against after blowing a hair, take afterbrain spoon to make an appointment with 2/3 to send a volume, those who bind Cheng Jisong to come loose is three-ply make up, let exterior hair form line stagger arc.
Fashionable hairstyle
3, tie up after braid, a mistake or shortcoming that may be exploited by an opponent the upgrade that deliver remaining part is played carry, in stagger rift is being braided with braid after will pulling the Tibet delivering remaining part that carries to take side, had closed.
Fashionable hairstyle
The mist that decide affection: After arranging whole hair style, finalize the design on gush sparge enhances the power that prop up in fleeciness place, lest the hair collapses,fall.
Viscose: Bang and hang down silk of shave one's head to be a monk or nun but daub a few has the light that reinforces line feeling lustre modelling glue, make line more apparent and outstanding.

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