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With wear hair club to wear a fashionable hairstyle
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The LOOK of honorable traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women of elegance restoring ancient ways
Fashionable hairstyle
Attention: Belong to work to use those who wear hair club to take rank edition hair style, stand by cervical hair to hang down naturally fall a few bundles, let a feeling more languid is lazy soft beauty, and around move of curve of afterbrain lower part exceed bob of stereo circular arc, want to make it quite enough circle, thick, ability shows elegant romantic local color quite, the use that increases an exercise to wear hair club more so and change hair, it is very main task.
Fashionable hairstyle
1, relaxed and optional ear border two side hair combs princess head, of according to STYLE 1 wear hair club to use a method, also be the 2nd from fixed place by go up to be inserted downward, but should pull hair end to circle again when going out, it is to choose to did not bind one of bundle of lower part hair that have to bypass circular place, will wear hair club again whole pull downward, such movement repeats a 1 ~ 2 times again can.
2, after repeating a few times (frequency but the hair of according to itself the long, change that send a volume) , because,Y word bob is met strengthen become very thick, the hair silk that arranges complete hair then, hair flows can.
Fashionable hairstyle Fashionable hairstyle
Hairstyle of side the reverse side designs net Cnfaxing.cn
Silk of bedspring hubble-bubble admire: First the hair that daub coils on need, the radian that coils again after stoving will be exceedingly outstanding moving.
Puissant finalize the design sparge: Finish after modelling, can finalize the design with what have not inflexible effect again sparge help hair is fixed, nature of production hair silk feels.

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