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Card of popular announcement of hair style of stage of Qiu Dong T
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1930, 1940, 1960, acting 1980 style all is in Xiang Douyan is contended for on the stage of fashionable dress T of season today. The style of whatever time appears in today Ji Xiu field, want to express a kind of sentiment it seems that: Nostalgic. To once the days of enjoyment of sturdy and acme grace, strong, pure time, passion greets …… hairstyle is fashionable dress is best deserve to act the role of, COSMO is deduced for everybody today season most the nostalgic agitation of tide, see T stage trend how the life of female of Asia of press close to, help you to fashionable pulse.

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I love bright and clean horsetail


Horsetail most accept stylist favour, it is simple, can express the sentiment such as feeling of spell able, delicate, contemporary, distance however. This one season, stylist likes to add a few variety on horsetail, hang down besides naked suitable changeless, you can divide a “ of tuft of a few hair to twist ” to become a tress alone, or dish an accessary small bob, or carry catch a few tuft to send silk, like model caesious a few tuft carry the match colors that catch even if is not Chang Ya to send. Hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

Popular female hairstyle Www.cnfaxing.cn

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Not only stylist loves Bob hair most this year, female of increasing also Asia picks up Bob modelling again in daily life, it suits Asian face very much really model, and it is pure, simple, clean like the girl can have lasting appeal like **** again. Just today the Bob of season is certain colored the change with administrative levels, although also be orderly massiness, dan Youming shows a flight of stairs, Bao Hougan, the 2-3 on color is planted light and shade spends coloring of different the department that be the same as color to just have contemporary feeling. Chinese hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

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Go Disco Party! Chinese hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

The everyone when acting 1980 Disco wind appears is wild, simple and direct enjoyment is experienced, exaggerated modelling, be in it seems that without place need not its are polar I love expressive “ the world ” that this gold sparkles, then ” of “ explosion head, “ ear ” became mark sex hairstyle, today season Chanel lets it be on beautiful field and its high and elegant dress Mix&metch afresh, special Jing is colourful! The administrative levels of straight hair and ear mixes, reoccupy tire of a few hyperbole, makeup look is fully relaxed instead give baby blush.
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