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How to make natural and charming hair style
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Want a hair many a little bit to change, do not want to have however the sort of too cross the feeling that dresses up painstakingly? Should be acted the role of with a few simple hair only actually or be to write hair skill, you can have nature not exaggerative vicissitudinous modelling! Let division of modeling of superhuman vital energy teach us how to make numinous charming hair style now!

Charming hair style
Party Time

If be to attend main party, might as well the hair dish into a bob, place of two hair on the temples is natural and lop, adorn a soft facial ministry line.

How To Process

Charming hair style
1. catchs the hair of two side, toward among twine from two ear upper part, like the dot resembles binding princess head, pay the hair amount of the half, at the same time mutual across is twined, secure a little with black small hairpin at the same time.

2. will be sent bundle the hair that will stay also twines dish of height to about the same ear become a hair bundle, with measure the hair of 1 bundle twine each other.

Charming hair style
3. will be sent bundle dish of height to about the same ear will send bundle turn round at the same time, at the same time dish the height to about the same ear, the place that deliver remaining part is not fixed, natural and lop can.

Charming hair style
4. Two side can catch a bit hair, add hair act the role ofing to be able to catch a few hairs in place of two hair on the temples, add the line with facial soft ministry; By of bob, can insert on hair fork serves as adornment. Hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn
Chinese hairstyle designs net Cnfaxing.cn

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